Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sagar Samrat Ka Khazana

Hi friends, today I am uploading the comics 'Sagar Samrat Ka Khazana' from Gowarsons Comics. This comics is from 'Panch Jasoos' series which is a Hindi translation of 'The Famous Five' series.

'The Famous Five' is a very popular series abroad written by the famous English author Enid Blyton. The series was initially published as children novels, then comics and movie adaptions were also made regarding the same. The stories always take place in the school holidays of 5 children after they have returned from their respective boarding schools. Each time they meet they get caught up in an adventure, the location of which varies from book to book.

This particular comics is an adaptation of their novel 'The Famous Five and the Golden Galleon'. Here, these young detectives go on for a adventure ride to an island and somehow explore a sunken ship which holds a treasure. But wait, getting a treasure is not that easy when there are some other people also which are in hunt for it. So, go on to the adventure ride with them and enjoy reading this comics till we meet again.

Comics Name: Sagar Samrat Ka Khazana
Publisher: Gowarsons Comics
Series: Panch Jasoos
Serial No.: Not Known
Original Scanner/Uploader: Anurag Dixit. Many thanks to him.
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas-(Part 02)

Hi Friends, today i am posting the 2nd part of the comics I uploaded in my last post. It is 'Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas Part 2'. If you have not read part 1 of this comics series then it is already present on my blog and you can download the same in the post prior to this one.

As I told you last time also, this comics is based on Tulsidas's version of the great epic Ramayana. Part 1 of this series consisted of the events upto Bharat meeting Lord Rama in the jungle. This comics proceeds the story further by incidents such as invsasion of Shurpanakha, Ravan kidnapping Devi Sita, Lord Ram taking help of the Lord Hanuman and Sugreeva, Lord Hanuman finding Devi Sita and the battle between Ram and Ravan.

This part also follows the same trend of story telling, ie, in the form of Dohas, their meaning and the pictorial representation of the same. I think this type of experiment is very unique in itself and kudos to Indrajaal comics for attempting it. So, enjoy reading this one till we meet again.

Comics Name: Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas (Part 02)
Publisher: Indrajal Comics
Series: Mythological
Serial No.: 228
Original Scanner/Uploader/First Cut Editing: Kalapret, Suraj Gandhe/Utkarsh. Many thanks to them.
Enhanced by: Aby
Link: Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas (Part 02)