Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hello Friends, I am back with another upload and this time its a digest called 'Aaj' from Vidhwans series of Manoj Comics.

From last 2-3 months, work pressure is very much on my job side so I was all equipped and was finding it really hard to look at my blog, comics editing, enhancement, uploading, etc. I was also not able to reply to all the comments. However, I am now trying to get back in every aspect in whatever time I have.

Well, talking about this comics, it is not uploaded before(as per my knowledge) and thanks to Nagesh bro for scanning it for us. This comics is from Vidhwans series. Vidhwans is a super hero character introduced in the later stages of Manoj Comics and was bit successful also among all the new brigade of characters introduced at that time. He was actually a school going boy Vishal who somehow gets super powers and when he says 'Kaaboom', he becomes a grown up costumed superhero with various super powers. His powers include ability to fly, super human strength, bullet proof body, etc. The story of this comics is about a man who is involved in crimes but later feels guilty and leaves evil deeds and then about his son who is of bad character initially but later realizes his mistakes but then again falls into crimes in order to save his father. Can Vidhwans save him and make him realize to lead a normal life? Download and read it to find out yourself. I'll see you in my next post.

Comics Name: Aaj
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Serial No: MCV-083
Simple/Digest: Digest
Series: Vidhwans
Original Scanner/Uploader: Nagesh bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited and Enhanced by: Aby
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