Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jambu Ke Bete

Hi friends, today I am posting a digest comics from Jambu series of Tulsi Comics, ie 'Jambu Ke Bete'. This is the last part of Tulsi comics best seller 'Mar Gaya Jambu' series. Its a multistar comics having Tausi and Angara along with Jambu. The good thing I like here is that unlike other multistar comics, this one contains nicely drawn pictures for all the 3 superheros. You feel like the character was drawn by the character's normal artist and this is not only true for the 3 heros but also for their villians and other allies. Kudos to the artist Mr. Bharat Makwana for that. So, enjoy reading this till we meet again.

LINK: Jambu Ke Bete
Original Scanner/Uploader: Rahul and Varun bro (Rated-RKO). Many thanks to them.
Edited by: Me

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dedh Matwale

Hi Guys,  I am back again and this time with another one from Golden Comics. This one is the fist comics from 'Chote Miyan-Bade Miyan' series. Some days back, I saw one of my friend requesting it from another one for scanning as earlier upload was not in very good quality. This one was already half edited by me earlier so I thought of completing the editing of this one.  So, enjoy this one till we meet again.

LINK: Dedh Matwale
Original Scanner/Uploader: Mukesh Gupta bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited by: Me