Monday, May 23, 2016

Shaktiputra aur Mrityukund

Hi friends, today I am uploading the enhanced version of Radha Comics, 'Shakiputra aur Mrityukund'. It is the second part of comics 'Darindo Ki Ghaati' which is also uploaded in enhanced quality on this blog long back (

Shaktiputra was the most prominent hero in Radha Comics. All of his stories were written by Vatsala Kaushik and illustrated by Vivek Kaushik (of Takshila Arts/Drona Features). Shaktiputra had a robotic body of metal with a human face and brain. The face too was half covered with a helmet. He was initially a police inspector who volunteered his body for an experiment of creating a mechanical man who can combat evil. Although he was almost a robot but still in comics he is seen only with a metal body, though his sentiments, feelings, etc are still like a normal human. He was a very powerful hero and his stories often involve adventures where his enemies have super powers,  or when he has to time travel or travel to other planets. He usually defeats his enemies with his wit, power and his helper gadgets fitted into his metal body or helmet. He is also sometimes seen getting help from her girl friend Electra. Shaktiputra had played the most important role in the survival of Radha Comics in the market.

In this particular comics series, Shaktiputra is being called by his friend 'Samrat Z' from planet Filozistheen to help him getting a gemstone in order to get back his kidnapped wife. The gemstone has the powers that can make a person rule over the galaxy and the villains have kidnapped Samrat Z's wife and asked him to get the gemstone as ramson. Will Shaktiputra be able to get back the queen safely and will he be able to save the gemstone from getting in wrong hands.Download and read out this one and the previous part to know yourself. I'll see you in my next post.

Comics Name: Shaktiputra aur Mrityukund
Publisher: Radha Comics
Serial No.: Radha Comics didn't publish any serial numbers.
Series: Shaktiputra
Original Scanner/Uploader: Manoj Pandey bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited/Enhanced by: Aby
Link: Shaktiputra aur Mrityukund

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hi friends, today I am uploading the enhanced version of comics 'Vega' which is the debut comics of King Comics superhero Vega.

King Comics was a sister publication of Raj Comics started in 1994. It was a short lived publication which lived till 1996 with approx. 17 monthly sets. It was started at the time when Raj Comics was doing so well that they could that they could manage releasing 2 sets ie, one from Raj Comics and one from King Comics. King Comics was started with characters like Vega, Liza, Vakra, Abhedya, Blind Death, Gamraj and Hunter Shark Force. Apart from these characters there were comics from Thrill/Horror/Misc series. King Comics was initially successful but slowly it lost its popularity and finally it had to shut down. Raj Comics tried to merge some of the characters of King Comics in its regular Raj Comics sets. 'Blind Death' was seen sharing space with some characters like Tiranga and Bheriya in one one comics each. Vakra was also seen in a multistar comics 'Hum Honge Kamayaab' comics. Gamraj was the only character that ran solo series in Raj Comics for a long time. As per latest Raj Comics advertisements, all King Comics characters should make an appearance in the very popular Sarvanayak series. Also, there is one more comics announced in which people will see Fighter Toads along with Hunter Shark Force together.

Talking about this comics, this is Vega's debut comics. Vega stands for
V (Vayu Mein)
E (Eiechic gati se)
G (Gaman karne wala)
A (Aadmi)

means one who can fly in air on his own will.Vega is a superhero character whose alter ego is Veg Kumar. He is the younger brother of a scientist Gosha. Gosha has invented a formula with which a person can get powers related to air, like ability to fly, creating air force field, cyclones, etc. This formula is ultimately being used by Veg Kumar to become a masked superhero Vega. A villain called Terminator wants to get this formula and for this reason is behind Gosha. Can Vega save Gosha and finish off Terminator is the basis of this story.

Vega was a very strong super hero in King Comics but hasn't been repeated in Raj Comics yet, with the exception of announced forth coming Sarvanayak Series. I believe he definitely deserves a second chance. Btw, Vega's looks has been highly inspired from an english superhero called 'Black Bolt' which goes negative in his context. For now, read and enjoy the comics, I'll see you in my next upload.

Comics Name: Vega
Publisher: King Comics
Serial No.: KC 15
Series: Vega
Simple/Digest: Simple
Original Scanner/Uploader: Ankur Pathak bro. Many thanks to him.
Enhanced by: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has will be soon uploading King Comics on its Android app.
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