Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hello Friends, I am back with another upload and this time its a digest called 'Aaj' from Vidhwans series of Manoj Comics.

From last 2-3 months, work pressure is very much on my job side so I was all equipped and was finding it really hard to look at my blog, comics editing, enhancement, uploading, etc. I was also not able to reply to all the comments. However, I am now trying to get back in every aspect in whatever time I have.

Well, talking about this comics, it is not uploaded before(as per my knowledge) and thanks to Nagesh bro for scanning it for us. This comics is from Vidhwans series. Vidhwans is a super hero character introduced in the later stages of Manoj Comics and was bit successful also among all the new brigade of characters introduced at that time. He was actually a school going boy Vishal who somehow gets super powers and when he says 'Kaaboom', he becomes a grown up costumed superhero with various super powers. His powers include ability to fly, super human strength, bullet proof body, etc. The story of this comics is about a man who is involved in crimes but later feels guilty and leaves evil deeds and then about his son who is of bad character initially but later realizes his mistakes but then again falls into crimes in order to save his father. Can Vidhwans save him and make him realize to lead a normal life? Download and read it to find out yourself. I'll see you in my next post.

Comics Name: Aaj
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Serial No: MCV-083
Simple/Digest: Digest
Series: Vidhwans
Original Scanner/Uploader: Nagesh bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited and Enhanced by: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
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  1. Many Many Thanks bhai for this gem
    i m fine and hoping the same for u
    As for Hatyaron ki Dharti ,i have got an idea as pyaretoon decreases the size which leads to the reduction in quality
    why don't v contact its administrator and ask for the original files so that v can enhance that version i m sure as an avid comic lover he will definitely help us to preserve and enhance the masterpiece
    Please mail him to provide the original copy as u will sound more credible than me as u r the administrator of this nice blog
    they can be contacted
    how does this idea sound??? tell me if u want me to contact him
    this comic along with 2 others r my all time favorites from tulsi
    2nd one is machini manav which i have asked anupam aggarwal bhai to post which he will do soon
    3rd comic's name i have forgotten but its story is like crime involving giving of padam shri type award where intelligence chief sends a mustached hero and his clean shaven friend whose identity is reveled in the end
    Again thanks bhai and keep up the wonderful work
    good day

  2. Bhai i have given u r blog address as well as my mail id to pyaretoon administrator asking for the original file of hatyaron ki dharti
    let us see when he responds to either of us
    if he does that then v will enhance that best available file

    1. Ravi bro, I have a copy of the comics without pyaretoon watermark. I can try on that too. However, pyaretoon basically collects comics from various sites, blogs, orkut, facebook, etc and uploads them after adding their watermark. So, i doubt if they will have a better copy. Let me try to edit a few pages on my copy and we'll see if that is making it better or not.

  3. Thanks bro it is really a very nice comic i had it in my childhood i was going to share cover pictures of nanhe jasoos and youngmaster ka pratishod so that v can search for them and see the magic of lord -sscomicheaven wale brother ne nanhe jasoos post kar di and i edited it right then
    would it be seen as rude if i post the edited version's link to him i have asked for his permission and is waiting for the reply
    anupam bhai aaj machini manav upload karne wale hain wow

    1. Yes its great that Shiv bro, Anupam bro are still uploading all the rare ones. And also not to forget the contribution of those who lend hard copies for scanning purposes. We are thankful to all of them for their hardwork.

    2. Aby bro i m searching for a Tulsi comic named laal panja its serial number is 74
      its drawing was by jagdeesh pankaj (of makdiraani fame ) and its story was regarding the crime committed to get PadamShree by a wealthy person
      the hero was a secret agent (had mustache ) and his senior who is undercover (a clean shaven guy) whose identity is reveled in the end
      if u can then please search for this gem
      bro pyaretoon ke admin ne hatyaron ki dharti nahi bhegi Please send its original file to me i will try to edit it and then will post u the link

  4. Thanks sir,
    I am waiting for this comics for long time,vary vary thank you can you pls upload trikaldev series aakhri yudh.

    1. You're welcome Vicky bro, me too was waiting for the same for a long time. Luckily I saw this comics in a sale/purchase post in facebook and commented that its not uploaded yet. Nagesh bro came up and scanned it quickly in a very good 400 dpi resolution. Ofcourse, it was me who got late in editing and enhancement due to my hectic schedule these days. But nevertheless, it is now digitally preserved with us.

    2. Regarding Trikaldev's Aakhiri Yuddh comics, I don't think that it is uploaded yet. I will see if someone can scan it and upload. I can then help in editing/enhancement.

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome AB bro. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  6. bhai "vidhwans aur pralayraj" upload karo please.

    1. Brother, Vidhvans aur Pralayraj is not uploaded anywhere yet, though many people are having it. Let me see if I can find someone to scan that and then I can edit/enhance and upload. In the mean time, please keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  7. Bhai aapko "Vidhwans aur Pralayraj " ki update mili ?

    1. Hi brother, i have asked a friend to scan it and he agreed to it too. So, lets hope we have it soon uploaded here too. In the meantime, keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.