Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Young Master aur Dangrila

Hi friends, today I am posting yet another comics from Young Master series , ie, 'Young Master aur Dangrila' but point to be noted here is that this time it is from Roshini Comics instead of Goyal Comics.

Roshini Comics is actually a publication from the Goyal Comics only. Roshini Comics started sometime after the closure of Goyal Comics. It used to reprint earlier Goyal Comics again but under the banner of Roshini Comics. Also, they used to print using different covers and different serial numbers as compared to Goyal Comics. But seems they were not able to track the story orders correctly so comics coming later in Goyal sometimes came earlier in Roshini and vice versa. Btw, another interesting fact is that Goyal itself seems to be a reprint publication initially for Neelam Chitrakatha issues. The initial issues of Goyal Comics had characters and titles of Neelam Chitrakatha.

Talking about this comics, this has Young Master drawn by a different artist which brings it a bit close to what he was shown in ads. One of my friends asked me to upload the Young Master ad that I was discussing in my earlier post so here I am uploading an image of that as well..

This comics was published before my earlier uploaded comics 'Young Master Ka Dharmayuddh'. The presentation and artwork of this comics is better than the other Goyal Comics. The story is about Dangrila, the villian of the comics, who wants to get a very strong poison through which he can kill Young Master and he kidnaps Sarpkanya for that, who had came to visit Young Master. Now, can Young Master save his friend and defeat Dangrila is the story of the comics.So, enjoy reading this adventure of Young Master until we meet again (possibly with last one more from Young Master series that I have)

Comics Name: Young Master aur Dangrila ( in Roshini Comics), Young Master aur Shaitan Dangrila (in Goyal Comics)
Publisher: Roshini Comics, Goyal Comics
Series: Young Master
Serial No.: Goyal-137, Roshini-104
Original Scanner/Uploader: Archie Ashish Rao bro. Many thanks to him.
Hard Copy/First Cut Editing: Chaitra bro. Many thanks to him too.
Enhanced by: Aby