Saturday, February 13, 2016

Janbaaz Jwala - Babaalu

Hi friends, today I am uploading a Radha Comics 'Janbaaz Jwala aur Babaalu' on this blog. Good thing about this post is that this comics is a missing one and has never been uploaded yet. Thanks to Gaurav Gandher bro for scanning this copy and providing me for editing and enhancement.

This comics is from Janbaaz Jwala series. All comics of the series were written by Rajat Rajvanshi and illustrated by Parchinder Michra.

Janbaaz Jwala is a superhero type character from the present era. He was introduced as a mysterious being who cannot be burned from fire. Rather he baths in fire. His dress allows him to be safe from Tantra Mantra powers which could have otherwise be harmful to him. It also allows him to fly. Jwala's  2 previous comics 'Janbaaz Jwala' and 'Jimbalo' are already available online on other blogs. This one should be the third or 4th installment of the series. The character was introduced towards the closing days of Radha Comics, so I am not sure if any other comics of Jwala was published after this. But if you people have any info about any other published ones from the series please do let me know. For now enjoy reading this comics till we meet again.

Comics Name: Janbaaz Jwala aur Babaalu
Publisher: Radha Comics
Series: Janbaaz Jwala
Serial No.: Unknown. Radha Comics stopped publishing serial numbers after a few comics
Original Scanner/Uploader: Gaurav Gandher bro. Many thanks to him.
Hard Copy provided by: Mohd. Shahid bro. Many thanks to him too
Editing/Enhanced by: Aby
Link:  Janbaaz Jwala aur Babaalu (High Quality)
           Janbaaz Jwala aur Babaalu (Normal Quality)