Monday, September 22, 2014

Totaan aur Fighter Bam

Hi friends, today I am posting a Manoj comics, ie, 'Totaan aur Fighter Bam' from Totaan series. Totaan was a nice superhero in Manoj comics and I used to like him a lot due to his looks but lately I came to know that look-wise he was a total rip-off of a foreign character. That was really sad on Manoj comics part that they just took the looks as it is. Anyways, enjoy this action flick of him till we meet again.

Original Scanner/Uploader: Rahul and Varun bro (Rated-RKO). Many thanks to them.
Edited by: Me
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
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  1. तुमने इस नई साइट का शुभारम्भ किया है जो एक अच्छी बात है लेकिन मेरी राय है की यह साइट बहुत शीघ्र ही डैड हो जायेगी यदि तुमने इस पर बेकार की कॉमिक्स अपलोड करनी बंद नहीं की.

    मनोज की यह कॉमिक्स इतनी लोकप्रिय नहीं हैं जितनी की पुरानी DC या फिर मनोज की "डार्क टेल्स". यदि हो सके तो "डार्क टेल्स" को अपलोड करो जो ओरिजिनल काम होगा. मेरी शुभकामनायें. मैं तो चाहता हूँ की तुम्हारी साइट सफल हो.

    1. Thanx bro for taking out time and providing comments and suggestions but no need to comment it as anonymous bro. I'll appreciate u that u pointed out ur choices. but bro, its not that these comics are all that bad. Different people have different tastes, some like raja-rani stories while others like action, horror, comedy, drama, detective stories, sci-fi, etc and that's why these type of comics were printed. If I see my media fire account, I see numerous downloads for each of them. So, its not that they r not liked. And also I m not restricted to only Manoj comics or particular character series. I just try to find which comics I can enhance better within the time frame I have and accordingly I upload them. I also aim at making people connect to what is not available now and what will be extinct in some time. I have seen many people selling and purchasing comics and spending lot of money on them but most of them donot think that these paper comics cannot last long and soon they will be extinct. best way to preserve them is to preserve them digitally. Only a few bother to scan/upload them to preserve them for ever. I don't own much of Comics right now so i doing whatever I can to atleast enhance what I can. But I'll still not upload old DCs and the running comics as if I do that then I will be impacting their business. Although my impact to them will be like a drop in the ocean but still I won't do that. MC and other shut down publications i m still doing and soon u might find dark tales and other miscs too. Please keep commenting, ur comments are always welcome.

  2. Also bro its not always that what is popular is going to be good and what's not popular will be bad, sometimes you have to try it yourself to know what's really good and what's really bad. I would appreciate if people read and then provide comments.

  3. प्रिय Aby , मैंने तो तुम्हे वह राय दी थी जो मुझे समझ आई. तुम शायद कॉमिक्स अपलोड करते समय अपने दृष्टिकोण से देख रहे हो जबकि मैं एक दोव्न्लोअडेर् के दृष्टिकोण से देख रहा हूँ. और मैं कबाड़ कॉमिक्स डाउनलोड करना या पढ़ना पसंद नहीं करूंगा. ऐसी कॉमिक्स से मनोरंजन तो दूर, सर में दर्द और हो जाता है! दूसरे कहानीकार के दिमाग की गंदगी मैं अपने दिमाग में भला क्यों डालना पसंद करूंगा? हाँ यदि कहानीकार अच्छा हो तो उस की कॉमिक्स पढ़ने में आनंद भी आइएगा. उदाहरन के लिए, DC के तीन महा-कहानीकार they: प्राण, भरद्वाज (मोटू-पतलू के रचियता), और शेहाब(छोटू-लम्बू के रचियता). मनोज में उस समय के अनुसार अंसार अख्तर की कहानिया अच्छी होती थी. यह राम-रहीम, क्रुकबांड, टोटन, तूफ़ान, आदि की कॉमिक्स तो सर दर्द केर देती थी. इस लिए मनोज कॉमिक्स वालों का काम पिट गया. इसी प्रकार से तुलसी, राधा वाले भी fail हो गए. राज वालों ने डोगा, भेड़िया-कोबी, इत्यादि की कॉमिक्स निकाल कर कुछ नया करने का प्रयत्न किया था लेकिन वह भी अब बंद होने जा रहे हैं. तरुण कुमार वाही और विवेक मोहन ने सब से अच्छा काम किया था. यह जॉली सिन्हा ने नागराज और सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव की कॉमिक्स का सत्यानास कर डाला. घटिया चित्र और उलटी सीधी साइंस की थ्योरी लगा कर यह सोचा की पब्लिक तो पागल है.

  4. thanks aby bhai.

    this is not that bad. har kisi ko diamond pasand nahi aati. wo thodi bacho wali type ki hai. kya tumne raj comics ki sarvnayak series ya nagayan series ya city without a hero series padi hai, order of bael series, narak nashak series sab ek se badkar ek hai. try karo u will like them. agar aapko nahi pasand to download nahi karo, kisi ko bura kyo bol rahe ho. bechare aby bhai ek to itni mehnat se comics edit kar rahe hain aur tumhe free me mil rahi hai phir bhi ulta bol rahe ho.

  5. Shant Anonymous bhaiyon shant...first thing i would request commenters is to better not comment an Anonymous as it becomes very hard to identify which comment is coming from which person and whether a later comment is from the same person who commented earlier or another one. I already told in my earlier comment that all appriciations and criticism are most welcome, i am ready to be in a healthy discussion and to know people's choices. Critics are all the more welcome as they help me improving my stuff. In worst cases if you still don't want to show urself, atleast use the 'Name/Url' option from the drop down, so that will only show your name, that ways it will be easier for me to actually refer you in the conversation. Well, for now, I take you 2 as Anon1 and Anon2

  6. So thanx to both of you for encouragement and criticism as they would help the blog progress. Abut Anon1 I would still say that seeing the download count of this comics and other comics on the blog, i don't feel that people are not interested in this genre. Rather the response was overwhelming as normal DC and MC are found everywhere but these ones posted on blog especially from Shaktiputra, Jambu, Toofan, etc among the action ones have been gr8. people even ask to edit the remaining ones from their series which are still in LQ/MQ. As far as your comment goes that MC was closed because of Ram-Raheem, etc, so i don't think so. MC tried lot of stuff, more than any other publication. They even tried creating comedy characters inspired from Chacha Choudhary and Pinky but they failed to impress. It was with Ram-Raheem, Crookbond, Hawaldar Bahadur, Toofan, etc that MC was earning the most. Also in the end when these also not remained popular they were still running with Totaan, Hawaldar Bahadur and lot newer ones and that was when they stopped publishing Ram-Raheem and Crookbond which were there topmost characters. So, they must be finding something profitable that they still continued with a lower grade character (Totaan) and stopped higher grade character (Ram-Raheem and Crookbond). Misc series had ended way earlier than these too. I also agree to Anon2 for what he said about RC. RC is still running and has been the key player in indian comics scene. Ofcourse there were some not som interesting plots or series, etc in between but that happens with every series. Even the ones that you have mentioned, eg the ones with Pran or Shehab's Chotu-Lambu, they also faced the same things. Chacha Chaudhary ki comics me to waise bhi itna sochne ka kuch nahi hota its like u just read and enjoy, dont think about the technicality and Chotu-Lambu we all know was not a well received series. Chotu-Lambu are still not popular than most of the other characters of Diamond comics. Also if we see the current scene its not RC that is on verge of closing but its Diamond that is almost closed. Its not printing any new comics but is only creating money for the older titles either by reprinting them in new cover or by just reselling them in digital format.

    Please aap mere comments ko aise mat lena that i am criticising diamond comics, i also like them a lot, they make me smile but saying that MC's Totaan comics is bad and DC is good is equal to comparing a comedy film with an action film which are poles apart. They both are made for their set of audiences.

    And ofcourse don't take my words as if I will never upload any comedy or dark tales comics on my blog. Its just that I donot scan and upload, I edit the ones which are already uploaded by others and try to make them visually better. So, i have to see which particular comics is in such a condition that I can edit within a timeframe and hence is the output.

    I will also again state that please don't persuade people to upload the comics from running publications as that would ultimately lessen their sales and would eventually lead them to shut down. On my blog I only pick the ones from shut down publications so that ways I actually try to help these comics to still survive because if we donot bring them in front again and again they will be forgotten and will eventually be lost which I as a comics fan would never want to happen.

    Agar kisi ko kuch bura laga ho to uske liye sorry but this is what I feel. Please feel free to encourage and criticize me again. I assure u that I will not feel any bad.