Monday, February 16, 2015

Shiv Puraan Ki Kathaein

Hi friends, on the auspicious occasion of 'Maha Shivratri' festival this week, here is a small gift from my side. My today's upload is comics 'Shiv Puraan Ki Kathaein' from Aadarsh Chitrakatha publications. Aadrash Chitrakatha had been active during early 80's and was printing comics based on Indian Mythology, Historical stories and Moral stories. On seeing the comics one can easily get confused about whether the comics is from Aadarsh Chitrakatha or from Amar Chitrakatha. Aadarsh Chitrakatha had adopted the same story and printing style as Amar Chitrakatha and they mainained it very well. Although the publication hadn't lasted for much time but its comics are still good for the eyes and our mind.

Talking about this comics, this one tells us some stories from Shiv Puraan. There are many stories related to Lord Shiva in Shiv Puraan and many of us are still unaware of these stories. So, this comics tries its bit to tell us some not so common stories about Lord Shiva which makes it different from other mythological comics of Lord Shiva. You must read them to find out yourself. The aesthetic artwork is very much impressive as are the stories. If you like mythology or good art this comics is just the right pick for you. So, enjoy reading this one until we meet again. 

Comics Name: Shiv Puraan Ki Kathaein
Publisher: Adarsh Chitrakatha
Series: Mythology
Serial No.: 32
Original Scanner/Uploader: Gaurav Gandher bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited by: Me
Link: Shiv Puraan Ki Kathaein


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    1. Thanx for pointing out Abhishek Bro, I have now corrected the link.