Saturday, February 7, 2015

Asterix aur Cleopetra

Hi friends, today I am posting a comics 'Asterix aur Cleopatra' from Goversons Comics. Goversons Comics was a subsidiary of Madhu Muskan Comics which was mainly started to print English comics translated into Hindi and most of them were real gems.  This particular comics is from the Asterix series which is a very famous series. Asterix is a small man with lot of intelligence and his friend Obelix is a powerful man but with less brain. The duo is said to be the source of inspiration for Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu from Diamond Comics.

Talking about this comics, this comics is a masterpiece and contains a fun filled action packed comedy story about an Egyptian Cleopetra who challenges a Roman ceaser that her architects are still very good and can build a big palace for him in only 3 months (this is a story of olden times, so as per the building style it was nearly impossible to do that). The poor architect takes the help of his friend Vaidhyanathix, a village doctor who creates some magic syrup which gives immediate immense power. They take along Asterix and Obelix to do the wonder so that architect can complete his deal. The story progresses with lots of problems created by ceaser and Asterix and Obelix just bashing out everything. The story also tours you through famous Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt. This is a pure masala entertainer and I bet you will definitely like it. So, enjoy reading this one till we meet again.

Comics Name: Asterix aur Cleopatra
Publisher: Goversons Comics
Series: Asterix-Obelix
Serial No.: 50
Original Scanner/Uploader: Anurag Dixit bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited by: Me


  1. Hi
    Thanks for this hindi version. wanted to have it for some time now. do have more of hindi asterix comics? if yes, pls do upload.

    thanks again

  2. You're welcome AJ bro. Yes, Goversons published atleast 5 Asterix comics. I have all of them in soft copies, if you want plz send me your email id and i'll send the links. Btw, I have edited only one, ie, this one. I will also plan for the other ones in near future.

  3. email id: for editing, i can help if you want.
    Thanks Again.

  4. AJ bro, i found out there were atleast 6 and not 5 of Asterix which were published in Hindi, so I have mailed you the links of all of the rest 5. Enjoy and keep visiting the blog for more stuff.

  5. Thanxs Aby bhai. Please send me the links as well on

  6. You're welcome Abhishek bro. I have sent the links to u as well.

  7. Hey Aby bhai, could you please send me the links to the hindi asterix's
    my id is

    1. Hi brother, sorry for replying late. I have already mailed you the links yesterday. Please check your mailbox.

    2. Hi brother, sorry for replying late. I have already mailed you the links yesterday. Please check your mailbox.