Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chacha Hindustani

Hi friends, today I am uploading the enhanced version of  Manoj Comics 'Chacha Hindustani'.

Chacha Hindustani series was a short lived series which started in the ending era of Manoj Comics. It was drawn by Late Bedi Ji (the main artist of Raj Comics character Bankelal) and written by Mr. Ansar Akhtar. This is the very first comics in the series. The comics is about a retired army colonel Narendra Chauhan who is popularly known as 'Chacha Hindustani'. His comics were fun and were in the format of short stories spanning 4-7 pages each. The stories use to be simple but good and entertaining. In most stories we see Chacha Hindustani helping police in catching all the baddies through his wit, bravery, luck or his other supporting characters.

The other supporting characters in the series are Chacha's wife Bharti Chachi, 3 orphan kids ie, Raju, Raja and Ram, being taken care by Chacha. These 3 are Muslim, Christian and Hindu resp. Raju is a very good artist, Raja is a very smart toy maker and Ram is a sportsman who is good in all sports. Along with them we also have a Ginnie who obeys all orders of Chacha but Chacha has taken oath that he will neither use any of Ginnie's powers and nor will he allow Ginnie to use his powers. Together, they all combine to provide us simple light hearted stories.

So, download, read and enjoy the comics till we meet again.

Comics Name: Chacha Hindustani
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Series: Chacha Hindustani
Serial No.: MC-2002
Original Scanner/Uploader: Manoj Pandey bro. Many thanks to him.
Enhanced by: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
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  1. Thanks for the upload. God bless you.

    1. Thanks a lot Nishad bro for the nice words.Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  2. Thanks bro Bedi ji ki art to ek alag hi class mein thi
    unhone Raja-rani wali bhi bahut si comics draw karin jo ki apne aap mein cult classics hain
    unki ye comics bhi aake special editing skills ko tasas rahi
    1st ek 2 part series hai
    1.lote mein mota

    lote mein mota ka 2nd part already HQ mein hai
    ek shaitan doosra haivan
    bro jalpari ka shikari ko bhi Hq mein kar dein please
    apka bahut bahut thanks and god bless u

    1. Thanks a lot bro for the links and your good words. I'll try to edit/enhance these as well. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

    2. bro i requested u to enhance all of Vinod-Hamid series some time back Don't do some of them as
      i have found some of them in HQ,they r -
      Bauna Katil.Baune ka Ant,Bhayanak Shadyantra,Sunahri Naagin ,Alibaba Ki Tijori ,Chor ka Bhai Chor and Shaitaan ki Maut
      one more Lashon ki Baraat is in HQ but its size is somewhat small
      three more Maut Ke Nishaan, Kafan Ki Chori and Maut Ke Vyapari r in single page format but their quality is not so high

      two more r in LQ ,double page format Nakabposh Chor and Katilon ka Shahar u can enhance these both i will give u their links here
      Please enhance these 2 in HQ if possible
      i m arranging these comics in serial wise and will provide u list along with that of amar akbar,sherbaaz,kala pret,sagar salim when i will finish it
      U can then crosscheck that whether my prepared list is complete and in order or not

    3. Thanks a lot bro for the updated list and links. I think I have some in my collection, don't know about the quality though but i will check if there is a good quality print available for the ones you mentioned I will pass the links else I will put them in my enhancement queue. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

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    1. You're welcome AB bro. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  4. unable to download ek shaitan doosra haivan