Sunday, October 25, 2015

Col Karna-Capsule Ki Wapsi

Hi friends, I am back again with another enhanced comics. Today I am posting a Manoj comic called 'Capsule Ki Wapsi' from Col. Karna-Captain Aslam series.

Col. Karna was a famous character from Manoj Comics. The series was mostly drawn by Chandu Ji and Late Mr. Pratap Mullick. Col. Karna is a mature person and a secret agent who is sent on different missions by his chief General Yadav. Karna along with his assistant Captain Aslam solves various spying cases. His comics had a good mix of detective, action and adventure stories.

This particular comics is the second part of another comics 'Jalpari Ki Sawari'. The story is about a micro film contained in a capsule which contains some military secrets of Israel govt. and while traveling on a ship, it somehow reaches Col. Karna. Now there are various enemy spies on the ship who are trying to get the capsule and some suspicious people who actually doesn't seem to be what they are. But to know all this and enjoy this spy adventure story, you have to read the comics. So, download and enjoy this comics until we meet again.

Comics Name: Capsule Ki Wapsi
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Series: Col. Karna-Captain Aslam
Serial No.: MC-341
Original Scanner/Uploader: Unknown. Many thanks to him.
Edited/Enhanced by: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
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  1. a very welcome upload ,colonel karn issues have good story with action . i got to know this character only through uploads by various contributors
    thanks to all

    1. You're welcome bro. Yes Karna stories were good.They were not too technical and yet action and adventure based. I'll see if I can enhance more of his comics. Plz keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  2. vow bro u fulfilled my wish
    i requested u some time back to enhance these gems and u fulfilled u r promise
    i really thank u from the bottom of my heart
    Keep them coming bro
    its first part Jalpari ka Shikari is also in double page format
    A million Thanks to u

    1. You're welcome bro. I'll see if I can edit 'Jalpari Ka Shikari'. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  3. bro this Vinod Hameed Series needs u r kind attention These r detective series from early age of manoj comics drawn by Jagdish Pankaj Sahab these r also mostly in 2 page mediocre quality

    and one comic नकाबपोश चोर which is 1st part of Katilon ka Sehar here
    If possible kindly apply u r remarkable skills and bless comic lovers with these legendary cult masterpieces A million thanks to u for u r commendable work

    1. Thanks bro for bringing these also to my notice. Currently, there are a few other comics which are already under editing. Once they are done, I'll try to edit these as well. Please keep visiting the blog.

  4. Replies
    1. You're welcome AB bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  5. Thanks bro when u will be free then i will bring some more classics to u r notice