Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shaktiputra-Darindo Ki Ghaati

Today's title is again from Shaktiputra. I know ab to too much Shaktiputra ho gaya. This one was already in editing so thats why providing this one. Next time, I will give some break to him as its 2nd part is not in good quality so need to do more work on it which will take time. I will upload that too but after some other comics. For now enjoy this space adventure of Shaktiputra, in which he accepts a challenge in order to save Samrat Z's wife. Happy reading !!!

UPDATE: The second part of this comics 'Shaktiputra aur Mrityukund' is also uploaded in enhanced quality on this blog. So enjoy that one too at Shaktiputra aur Mrityukund

Comics Name: Shaktiputra aur Darindo Ki Ghaati
Serial No.: Radha Comics haven't printed any serail no.s
Series: Shaktiputra
Original Scanner/Uploader: Gaurav Gandher bro. Many Thanks to him.
Hard Copy provided by: Mohd. Shahid bro. Many thanks to him too.
Enhanced by: Aby
LINK: Shaktiputra aur Darindo Ki Ghaati


  1. nice editing.please post its second part also

    1. Hi bro, its second part is still under editing. As soon as editing gets finished, I will post it too. Please keep following the blog