Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ram-Rahim:Kala Angara

Today's title is 'Kala Angara' from Manoj Comic's secret agent 00 1/2 Ram-Rahim series. Comics scan quality was very good so output is also as good, similar to e-comics quality. Enjoy this one.

Comics Name: Kala Angara
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Series: Ram-Rahim
Serial No.: MC-941
Original Scanner/Uploader: Bijay Mishra. Many Thanks to him.
Hard Copy provided by: Sagar Rana. Many Thanks to him too.
Editing & Enhancement: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
Please purchase from Raj Comics and support Indian Comics Industry to survive.


  1. quality is too good. SHQ and really in e-comic quality. appreciate your work.keep it up.

    1. Thanks a lot Sandeep for your kind words. Edit quality depends on the quality of original scan also, so half thanks should also go to original scanner. Keep coming on to the blog for more.