Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi friends, today i am uploading a Tulsi Comics called 'Angara' which is first issue in the Angara series.

Almost every hindi publication has a character inspired from Tarzan who resides in jungle and protects the flora & fauna, animals and also at the same time fighting with the criminals or the super villains. We have examples such as Mahabali Shaka, Shera, Kobi(Bheriya), etc in other publications. Angara is also a similar character but his stories were very well written and illustrated. He is a man made by combining parts of various animals thus making him super human. His body was made of Rhino's skin thus making him bulletproof, his eyes were of an eagle giving him excellent sight, brain from a fox thus making him sharp minded, power of an elephant, heart of a lion, etc. His inventor is Dr. Kunal, a bio scientist and surgeon. Angara is a very famous and one of the main characters in Tulsi Comics created by the legends writer Mr. Parshuram Sharma and artist Late Mr. Pradeep Sathe. Angara is said to be the best and longest running works of Mr. Sathe.

The story of this comics is about Dr Kunal, who has trained all the animals of an island to speak in human language and has given them various authorities to work towards running the administration of the island. But soon some Americans start coming in and they want to take the island into their possession. Animals and Dr. Kunal try to make them understand to not do that as it is a part of Indian territory but American soldiers betray them killing many animals. Then Dr. Kunal creates Angara from the body parts of the dead animals and appoints him to be the protector of the wildlife and enemy of the bad people. Thats how Angara starts his journey of adventures. So friends, enjoy reading his initiation story till we meet again.

Comics Name: Angara
Publisher: Tulsi Comics
Series: Angara
Serial No.: 002
Original Scanner/Uploader: Fenil Sherdiwala. Many thanks to him.
Enhanced by: Aby
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