Saturday, June 6, 2015

Popat Chaupat Ka Panchranga Achaar

Hi friends, today I am uploading a fun filled comics called 'Popat Chaupat Ka Panchranga Achaar'. This comics is from Madhu Muskan Comics. Madhu Muskan Comics was from the same publication that published 'Madhu Muskan' child magazine, Gowarsons Comics, Trishul Comics.

The  characters in this comics are also the Popat-Chaupat, who were already famous comic characters in Madhu Muskan magazine. Popat-Chaupat were the ill-fated (Kismat ke Maare) comic duo, who are always surrounded by the money problems or the others. There pathetic situation arises the element of fun and humour in the comics. As per the comics, it says that we have till now seen only one aspect of their characters, ie, they are fools but this comics will help us in seeing their other aspects as well like they are knowledgeable, kind hearted, they are brave, they are emotional and ofcourse they are still fools. The comics is all about their various foolish acts which will make you laugh.

So, enjoy the comics till we meet again.

Comics Name: Popat Chaupat Ka Panchranga Achaar
Publisher: Madhu Muskan Comics
Series: Popat-Chaupat
Serial No.: Unknown.
Original Scanner/Uploader: Manoj Pandey bro. Many thanks to him.
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  1. Nice Comic...Could not wait to read it...Thanks a lot for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome Azam bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks AB bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff.