Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Moorkhta Diwas

Hi Friends, in my last upload, we were successful in finding the missing brother of Chacha Chaudhary in the form of Chatur Chaudhary. This time again, I found one more missing brother. Kya kaha? Missing brother of whom? our very own famous Raj Comics character Bankelal. Well, I found this character named 'Iznogoud' from a French publication and its a very old one too.

Like Bankelal, 'Iznogoud' (pronounced and meaning 'Is no good' in French accent) is also one of the most famous anti-hero in the french comic strips world. He is the second in command of Khalifa (Calif/King in English) Haroon-al-Pasha (similar to our Raja Vikram Singh) and his sole aim is to overthrow the current Khalifa and take his place but everytime things goes in opposite directions and Khalifa remains safe and even he still remains trusted by the Khalifa.Very much similar to Bankelal, isn't it.

This particular comics was translated into Hindi by Goversons Comics, a subsidiary of Madhu Muskan comics. The main story in this comics is about a day called 'Moorkhta Diwas' where the positions are exchanged, meaning a beggar can be a king and king can be a beggar, etc and Iznogoud is trying his best to make out the best from this day to become the next king. Will he be successful in his traits. Read it to find out yourself. Also, there are 3 more Iznogoud stories in this comics to entertain you more. So enjoy this one till we meet again.

Comics Name: Moorkhta Diwas
Publisher: Goversons Comics
Series: Khalifa Haroon-al-Pasha and Iznogoud
Serial No.: No serial no mentioned in comics
Original Scanner/Uploader: Anurag Dixit bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited by: Me
Link: Moorkhta Diwas


  1. You're welcome Sanjay bro and Vidyadhar bro. Keep watching the blog for more stuff coming soon.