Friday, March 27, 2015

Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas-(Part 01)

Hi friends, on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, I have enhanced and uploaded a comics 'Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas - Part 1'. This is a rare comics from Indrajaal comics. Although, contrary to many others, I am not a big fan or collector of Indrajaal Comics or IJC (as they are called now), but i still like the comics which are a bit different than normal ones. So, here is this comics, which might not be very famous, but is unique in itself. Generally, IJC is known for Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Bahadur, etc heroes but this one is not of that type. Its a mythological story about the famous Indian epic Ramayana.

Ramayana was originally written by Rishi Valmiki in Sanskrit and later rewritten in Hindi as 'Ram Charit Manas' by Goswami Tulisdas. This comics is based on the adaptation from Tulsidas's version. The unique thing about this comics is that story telling is in form of dohas, ie, each frame contains a doha (stanza) from Ram Charit Manas, its meaning is told and a pictorial representation of the same is shown in the frame. So that ways it is covered under 2 parts out of which I am uploading one currently. The 2nd part i will post next week So, till then enjoy reading this one and keep waiting for the next part.. JAI SHRI RAM.

Comics Name: Tulsikrit Ram Charit Manas (Part 01)
Publisher: Indrajal Comics
Series: Mythological
Serial No.: 209
Original Scanner/Uploader: Kalapret, Suraj Gandhe/Utkarsh. Many thanks to them.
Enhanced by: Me


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    1. You're welcome AB bro. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff.

  2. Dear ABY Bhai,

    As per your Details "Original Scanner/Uploader: Rakul Ka Deewana. Many thanks to him."

    I am so called " Rakul Ka Deewana"... SURAJ GANDHE/Utkarsh......... Thanks for that, I appreciate your feelings...


    Bhai you are partially wrong as i am not original uploader, I just upload both parts on ORKUT with thanks to Original uploader... in my post @ Orkut... I wrote that i have download it from Internet (blog of Kalapret bhai & PARISHI) & Edit some pages.

    So all credit goes to them... I am Just a Little Comic Lover ... like you...

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks bro for your clarification. I too appreciate you that you stood up to give proper credits. Kudos for it. Since those orkut pages doesnot exist anymore so i was only giving credits as per what i call recall best. I was sure that you shared it but wasn't sure whether you were the original uploader or not. Anyhow I will update the credits now. Thanx again and happy to see we are still connected. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff.