Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Young Master Ka Dharmayuddh

Hi friends, today I am posting a digest comics from Goyal Comics. This one is called 'Young Master Ka Dharmayuddh'.

Goyal Comics was not a very famous comics publication but still run for a good amount of time. Its characters series were limited. Major ones of the character series were Young Master, Chacha Champaklal, Abhimanyu, Nagputra, Robot and Jhumru. Rest comics were either from Misc series or Horror series. The 2 flag bearer characters of Goyal comics were Chacha Champaklal and Young Master.

Young Master is a crime fighter who is also a trained Karate fighter. I always used to like the advertisements of Young Master drawn by Takshila Arts (or Drona Features) where he is shown as a muscle man in fighting poses similar to Bruce Lee but couldn't really find similar images in comics. I wished he was drawn similar to the ads.  But anyways, his comics were good full of his normal and super normal adventures. His stories even travelled to different worlds like land of snakes, etc. His Sarpkanya series was a very famous one. This particular comics also has got his friend and ally Sarpkanya in it. So, enjoy reading it till we meet again.

Comics Name: Young Master Ka Dharmayuddh
Publisher: Goyal Comics
Series: Young Master
Serial No.: 141
Original Scanner/Uploader: Unknown. Many thanks to him.
Enhanced by: Aby
Link: Young Master Ka Dharmayuddh


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