Saturday, August 15, 2015

Uncle Tiger aur Viper Smuggler

Hi friends, I am back again and as promised this time I am posting the second comics from Uncle Tiger series. This one is called 'Uncle Tiger aur Viper Smuggler'. This one is also a rare one and not to be found easily. Thanks again to Gaurav Gandher bro and Mohd. Shahid bro for scanning and hard copy resp. This is the second and probably the last one from the publication. I have just seen the name of the next issue but haven't seen in real. If someone knows about whether third one and any other comics were published from the series then please do let us know.

Uncle Tiger, where on one side is a tough crime fighter and a masked identity, he is also generous at heart and loves helping and gifting people who are doing good. This story is about a group of students who decide to repair a broken sewer pipe in a jungle which is contaminating the jungle water causing water pollution/diseases among animals. Although, students replace the sewer pipe with a new one but still again the new pipe again gets broken. This seems unusual and Uncle Tigers spies to find out the truth. What he finds now gets him involved in another adventure. So, read out to find more on this and some other info pages till we meet again.

Comics Name: Uncle Tiger aur Viper Smuggler
Publisher: Indian Atheist Publishers
Series: Uncle Tiger
Serial No.: Vol 1 No. 2
Original Scanner/Uploader: Gaurav Gandher bro. Many thanks to him.
Hard Copy: Mohd. Shahid bro. Many thanks to him too.
Edited/Enhanced by: Aby
Uncle Tiger aur Viper Smuggler (HQ)
Uncle Tiger aur Viper Smuggler (MQ)


  1. Thanxs Aby bhai for this rare one....

    1. You're welcome AB bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff.

  2. You're welcome 3d bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff.