Monday, May 19, 2014

New Beginning !!!

Hi All,

I am putting up this blog to publish my edited content. Here, I will upload and share the comics edited by me. All the comics are generally scanned/uploaded/first cut edited by different people. I thank all of them for putting in their efforts of bringing these in front of us. I am just trying to contribute from my side to beautify them as much as I can. I know many people will like to have the comics in their real form which bring back their nostalgic feel. There are other people who wants these in e-comic format. Personally, I feel that both forms are good and since real nostalgic form can be easily found on net, so I'll try to provide the edited ones,

Also, another reason for uploading these is to recherish the good olden times again. Here, in this blog I will try to upload only those comics whose publication have been shut down. This is because of 2 reasons , first one being that since these publications houses are closed so if these comics are not shared then soon they will become extinct which i personally being a comic fan cannot see happening. The second reason is for not promoting piracy. Personally I think that whatever publications are still running should not be edited and distributed as that might impact their sales. Although, it might affect only a small percentage of their total earnings but still I won't do it. So Happy Reading all of you.