Sunday, July 6, 2014

Black Death-Octopussy

Today's title is 'Octopussy' from Black Death series in Golden Comics. It was a short lived publication. It seems that it was started after the closure of Radha Comics by the Radha Comics group itself as another issue of Black Death talks about retirement of Shaktiputra and Mahakaal who are from Radha comics. The artists are also the same who have drawn Shaktiputra. So enjoy this one.

LINK: Black Death-Octopussy
Original Scanner/Uploader: Gaurav Gandher bro. Many thanks to him.
Hard Copy provided by: Mohd Shahid bro. Many thanks to him too.
Edited by: Me


  1. Please re upload and also upload more comics of Shaktiputra. Huge fan.

  2. Link Updated. Please test now. And Shaktiputra comics are under editing, as soon as they are done, I will post them too.

  3. bro this link is not working. please check it and correct.

    1. Sandeep bro, i found that there is some problem with It seems to be opening the home page but its neither allowing to login nor able to download any file from its links. Googling about the site it seems like the site has become unoperational. Well, let me get back to my laptop I will provide a new link on mediafire. Keep looking this space for updated link.

    2. Sandeep bro, I have updated the link. The new link is on mediafire. I think the firedrive site is closed now. I see no activity there.