Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi Friends, Today I am posting the comics 'Mozina-3' which is from Detective Bablu series in Madhu Muskan Comics. Long time back, I had read an article describing that Neil Armstrong's visit to moon was was only a dramatization and not a true moon journey. That article also presented a lot of points to proof their point using the pictures shooted on moon. Some examples were shadows of astronauts, a flag flying in no atmosphere, etc. This comics also contains a similar plot where the space center knows that their mission is failed but they still shows that they have reached Mars. Can Bablu uncover the truth. Read it to find out yourselves. Enjoy this one till we meet again

Comics Name: Mozina - 3
Publisher: Madhu Muskan Comics
Character Series: Detective Bablu
Serial No.: 10
Original Scanner/Uploader: Hasan Zaheer bro. Many thanks to him.
Edited by: Me
Link: Mozina-3


  1. interesting post. i always admire the rare comics you find for ur blog. and nice editing too. waiting for more.

  2. thanx aby bro..plot to interesting lag raha hai

  3. Thanx a lot all of you for all the appreciation. Your appreciation keeps me going. Thanx again.