Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mahabali Shera aur Aadamkhor Thumba

Hi friends, today I am uploading the enhanced version of a Manoj Comics 'Mahabali Shera aur Aadamkhor Thumba'. This one is from Mahabali Shera series.

Mahabali Shera was a Tarzan type character. Nearly every Indian comics publication has a character that lives in jungle and protect the jungle people, flora and funa and fights the evil forces. We have examples like Vetaal, Tarzan/Dilawar, Korak, Tor, etc taken from foreign comics. Amongst Indian comics, we have Mahabali Shaka from Diamond Comics, Angara from Tulsi Comics, Bheriya from Raj Comics, Shaktimaan from Parampara Comics, Mahabali Dhoomketu from Mahabali Comics, Jonga from Nutan Comics, Mahabali Bhoochal from Prabhat/Chunnu/Neelam Comics, Shuza from Madhu Muskan Comics, Mahabali Langura from Durga Comics, Mahabali Sando from Fort Comics, Bheema from Vikram Chitrakatha and our very own Mahabali Shera from Manoj Comics.

Mahabali Shera series was the very first series of Manoj Comics. Shera was seen generally teaming with Kalapret and later Ajgar in many comics. He was mainly drawn by artist Surendra Suman and stories were generally written by Naazra Khan.  Shera has got no super powers. He lives in jungle and solves problems using his wit and strength. His stories had entertained people for a long time and this comics is also of the same flavour. The story is about people of jungle tribes getting disappeared regularly and people fear that it is because of some evil power. When Shera tries to investigate, he actually finds some monstrous creatures but are these really monsters and was Shera able to get to the botton of all this. Read the comics to enjoy his adventure and keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

Comics Name: Mahabali Shera aur Aadamkhor Thumba
Publisher: Manoj Comics
Series: Mahabali Shera
Serial No.: MC-843
Original Scanner/Uploader: Bijay Mishra bro. Many thanks to him.
Hard Copy provided by: Sagar Rana bro. Many thanks to him too
Enhanced by: Aby
Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired digital rights of Manoj Comics. 
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  1. very nice work bro
    can 2 page on 1 frame comics be converted into 1 page per frame as comic Capsule Ki Wapsi here
    can it be enhanced
    if u can then please do it bro
    all the comic lovers will be highly obliged

    1. Hi, Thanks for your nice words friend. I saw the comics you are referring, I will check if this one is already available with me in better quality. If it is already available then i will provide you the link else I will edit this one. The scan quality seems good for editing and enhancement. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome AB bro. Please keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.