Thursday, February 26, 2015

Asterix Olympic Mein

WHi Friends, I am back with yet another upload and this time it is again from Asterix series. In February 1st week also I uploaded an Asterix comics and people liked it very much and wanted to read more. So, that encouraged me to edit one more and here it is. This one is called 'Asterix Olympic Mein'. This is the first Asterix comics being translated and published in Hindi by Gowarsons Comics. After reading this one, I also came to know that Gowarsons initially planned to translate and publish about 23 of Asterix comics but later somehow they were restricted to only around 6.

Now talking about the character and the series. For those of you don't know him, Asterix is a very famous character from French comics world. He is a resident of Gaul village. He together with his friend Obelix gets involved into funny action adventures with the bad Romans. According to Wikipedia,

The success of the series has led to the adaptation of several books into 12 films: eight animated, and four live action. There have also been a number of games based on the characters, and a theme park near Paris, Parc Astérix. To date, 325 million copies of 34 Asteirix books have been sold worldwide, making co-creators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo France's bestselling authors abroad.

This particular comics is about Asterix participating in Olympics to represent his village. But there are Romans and other contestants there who are superior to him in various sports. Can Asterix win the Olympics against all odds is the main question of the story. You need to read it to find out yourself. So enjoy reading this one till we meet again.

Comics Name: Asterix Olympic Mein
Publisher: Gowarsons Comics
Series: Asterix-Obelix
Serial No.: Not known.
Original Scanner/Uploader: Team PBC. Many thanks to them.
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  1. thanks for the upload

  2. You're welcome Gaurav bro. Keep visiting the blog for more stuff coming soon.

  3. This one is not scanned by Anurag Bhai , but my scanning team and was 1st shared by me.
    p.s other 5 Asterix were scanned by Anurag bhai, rest work were done by me. :)

    1. Thanks PBC bro for visiting the site and providing correct uploaders info. I have updated the Scanner/Uploader as Team PBC. Hope to see you more on the blog.